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We have opened the Copyright House Directory. The directory shows a list of registered works with Copyright House, including the title of registered works, author, registration id of the work, date and time stamp, security code and other information submitted during copyright registration.

No hidden fees

We offer independent third-party proof of copyright with yearly or multiple year membership packages. Every account comes with unlimited space to register all your creative works, including all additional submissions, for one low membership fee.

You are a creative, artistic person. You probably have friends and contacts of a similar artistic nature. Why not do them a favour and tell them about Copyright House? You can do that very easily on our Friends page. We make it easy for you to send an email about us, or to post onto social networking sites with just a single click.

Do you have a website of your own? You can put a link to Copyright House on your site by going to our Link to us page. Simply copy and paste the code.

Copyright House contact

If you have a question about copyrighting your work, or about copyright in general, please see whether your question already has been answered below.

  1. What can I register through Copyright House?
  2. Can I register a logo or a name?
  3. Can I register an idea?
  4. If I work under an assumed name, what name would I need to use to register my works?
  5. How confidential are the files I upload to Copyright House?
  6. Can I view the work I have already submitted?
  7. If I make changes to something that has already been uploaded, how do I update the uploaded file? Do I need to delete the one I've got stored and upload the latest version?
  8. What should I do if my registered work is used by someone else?
  9. How will other people know my work is protected?
  10. Is my registered work protected world-wide?
  11. I read that copyright automatically exists as soon as I have created my work. Why do I still need Copyright House?
  12. I was wondering if there is any way of deleting any of my work? I have updated some of my songs and wouldn't want to get confused as to which one I actually want if I ever needed to use them.
  13. Do you have file size limits?
  14. How do I register copyright for my website?
  15. Can I renew my copyright after 10 years if I choose the 10 year option?
  16. Do I have to state the copyright notice at the first pages of my book?
  17. Can I sell my copyright later to any academic body who wishes to continue with publication?
  18. What would happen to my registered works if your company ceases trading?

If you have another question or general enquiry, please contact us through our contact form.

A member of our staff will reply within the next 12 hours.


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