Copyright House Directory

We have opened the Copyright House Directory. The directory shows a list of registered works with Copyright House, including the title of registered works, author, registration id of the work, date and time stamp, security code and other information submitted during copyright registration.

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Copyright House Directory

We are opening a directory to show the registered works of all our members. This service will enable anyone to check whether a work is registered with Copyright House. The directory serves as a proof that your files have been registered with Copyright House and serves as a deterrent against copyright infringement. This is a free service and all new registrations will automatically be added to the directory . The directory will show the title of registered works, author, registration id of the work, date and time stamp, security code and other information submitted during registration. (Your files themselves are NOT shown, nor can they be downloaded by anyone)

We strongly recommend that the registration details remain included in the directory. However, if you wish that the details of your registered works be excluded from the directory (highly NOT recommended), please contact us.

Exciting new offer!

Free web page for all Copyright House members temporarily suspended

~ Due to many web page applications, we have temporarily disabled our web page application form.~

New Features in your Member's Account

Other information about your work

We are pleased to let you know that registering your files is now even faster and more efficient. You now have the option to give more information about your work. We strongly advise that you give as much additional information as possible to reinforce the strength of your proof of copyright. This could include acknowledging any collaborators, an explanation of how and when the work developed and a definition of the finished piece.

View uploaded files

You can now see, or download your uploaded file as soon as the upload has completed. A small link, labeled "view", will become visible. After clicking the link you will be able to see, listen to, or download the file in order to check whether the upload has been successful. This is only possible immediately after upload. If you don't click that link, then you can't check the uploaded file afterwards. This is for security reasons to prevent changes to the file later. It's also to prevent someone else, who may have got hold of your log in details, being able to download your file.

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