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Total number of registered works worldwide: 258,539.

What if there's a dispute over your copyright ownership?

"If there is a dispute over copyright ownership, you will need to have proof that you are the owner of the work in question. Copyright House gives you "Real Copy" copyright protection. That means, in the case of infringement of your work, we can show an exact copy of your work in a court of law. This Real Copy, along with the Certificate of Registration, gives very strong proof that you are the owner of the work."
Jan Luteyn, Managing Director Copyright House Limited.

Copyright House Directory

We have opened the Copyright House Directory. The directory shows a list of registered works with Copyright House, including the title of registered works, author, registration id of the work, date and time stamp, security code and other information submitted during copyright registration.

Official Copyright Registration Service?

Don't be misled by some copyright registration services who appear to be the "official" service in the UK. There is no official governmental copyright registration service in the UK.

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Copyright Valid In 167 Countries Worldwide

Rest assured

  • Copyright House Limited, company registered in England, Reg.No. 7058007.
  • Copyright House is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner Office). Data Protection Act. Reg. No. Z2667544.
  • Your works are uploaded through a secure server and stored in fire-proof data safes.

What Copyright House members say

"I joined Copyright House because it is very clear and concise and laid out nicely making it easy to understand and simple to join. That's what I like! Also the fees are reasonable and one gets a good package which equals value for money and the fact that one can simply re-new the package for a set fee, without any upheaval is great!"
Tara Della Hopley, Writer, Shropshire.

"What can I say, I am pleased with Copyright House for now my work is safe, with all the company's care behind it. After their service, there isn't a musician in the UK who wouldn't trust their work to their seal of quality. When looking back over the years I've spent with them, I can say that I am proud to be a lifetime member - for one good turn deserves an other. They are a real boon!"
Sebastian Galassi, Satyrist and Composer.

Copyright House ®
Secure, Affordable Copyright Registration Service

  • "Real Copy" copyright

    If somebody else claims to be the owner of your work, you will need to show strong proof that you are the copyright holder.
    Copyright House stores an exact copy of your registered work. In the case of infringement, this genuine, tangible copy, along with your Copyright House Certificate of Registration, can be presented to the court dealing with your case. This "Real Copy" of your work and Certificate of Registration provide very strong proof of ownership of the work in question.

  • FREE copyright registrations

    With Copyright House you don't pay for each individual copyright registration. A one-time membership fee gives you unlimited free copyright registrations. Choose our lifetime membership package and register an unlimited amount of copyrights, absolutely free for the rest of your life.

  • No recurring annual fees

    Our lifetime membership package is a one-off payment with NO recurring annual fees

  • Unlimited registrations

    As a creative artist you have unlimited potential to create. So why not have unlimited freedom to register all those creative expressions!
    With Copyright House you can register unlimited works at any time during your membership at no extra cost.

  • No hidden fees

    It's disappointing when you pay for a service, only to be confronted with unexpected fees, not mentioned - or mentioned in tiny print at the bottom of a page somewhere! - beforehand.
    At Copyright House there are absolutely no hidden charges. You pay a fixed fee for the duration of your membership and nothing else.

  • Secure uploads

    Uploading your files should be safe and secure.
    With Copyright House all your files are uploaded through a secure private server, not through a shared hosting server.

Why Copyright House?
One low membership fee, unlimited registrations, secure, encrypted file uploads through private servers, copyright valid in 164 countries; these are just a few of the many reasons to choose Copyright House.

Many people do not fully understand the principles of copyright and copyright registration. Do you have a question about copyright or Copyright House? Frequently asked questions from our customers over the years are answered here.
Membership fees
Each membership pack covers unlimited registrations, unlimited updates and unlimited new works at any time during your membership. Pay once, then pay nothing more for the entire duration of your membership.

Who we are
The management of Copyright House is an international team of highly motivated individuals who feel that registering copyright should be easy and affordable for any creative individual.