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We have opened the Copyright House Directory. The directory shows a list of registered works with Copyright House, including the title of registered works, author, registration id of the work, date and time stamp, security code and other information submitted during copyright registration.

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Cheap copyright protection

Copyright protection is a very important aspect of your profession as an artist, musician, or designer. Cheap copyright is certainly desirable, but should it be at the cost of quality?

Certainly not. If you register your work with a copyright registration service, there are several things you have to look for, not only whether registration is cheap. Let's see how Copyright House deals with these.

Cheap copyright

The service should be affordable. At Copyright House you are allowed to submit many works without having to pay for every update, or every new work. For just a few pence per day you get unlimited Gigabytes to upload all your songs, artworks, designs, or documents.


The registration service should be reliable and secure, so that your intellectual property is well protected during submission of your work. Copyright House follows strict security measures to protect your work.


The service should not suddenly be unavailable. Copyright House has a set of procedures in place to prevent it from having to stop the service. One of the agreements is to not take out loans, or to take other financial risks.


You should get help quick, whenever you need it. Our support department can be reached during normal working hours, 7 days a week.

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Cheap Copyright Protection

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