It seemed to go very well and easy. My first 40 files uploaded and certificates received. I'm a HAPPY man! Thank you. Iain Stringer, Composer of ballet music, London.

I'm proud to be a member, especially when the MD of a company can take the time to speak to me. I would also like to say how much respect I have for the ethics behind the company.
Marty Fingus, Director PeopleLovinMusic Ltd.

I just wish to express that you have a great site that is offering a much needed service at a reasonable price. I shall recommend you to my many music industry contacts. Thank you,
Raymond Fry
Lyricist & Head of A&R
Midas King Productions International
London, UK - Sweden - Russia - USA

You are a creative, artistic person. You probably have friends and contacts of a similar artistic nature. Why not do them a favour and tell them about Copyright House? You can do that very easily on our Friends page. We make it easy for you to send an email about us, or to post onto social networking sites with just a single click.

Do you have a website of your own? You can put a link to Copyright House on your site by going to our Link to us page. Simply copy and paste the code.

Gosh are you this good with all your clients? I am impressed! Thank you for your very personal service.
Barbara Czepulkowski, Author, Singer, Designer.

Thank you very much for your help. I must say you have created a great website which I have found to be very easy to use and it's a great way to protect my work!
Many Thanks.
Lee West, Director West Way Beats Music Productions

Why choose Copyright House?

Independent Third-Party Proof Of Copyright

Having an independent third-party that retains a genuine copy of your work means there can be no element of doubt in proving your ownership of that work. Should an infringement of copyright occur, a real copy of your submitted work could then be produced in court. Any proof of copyright kept in your own possession will be less convincing than objective, third-party proof.

When you register your copyright with Copyright House, a genuine copy of your work is securely stored in fire-proof data safes. Therefore you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have very strong proof of copyright.

International copyright protection

If your copyright exists in one of the 164 countries who signed up for the Berne Convention, then copyright of your work automatically exists in all those countries. This means that your work is protected almost world-wide, once its copyright comes into existence.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We give a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our service within 30 days of sign up, we'll reimburse the money you paid. No questions asked.

"I am so pleased to have found Copyright House, and although a lot of my work was done years ago, at least now I have peace of mind knowing that my work is safe and my rights protected. It is a sound financial investment, because it is not just about the here and now, it is about your peace of mind for the future too. Ideas are dynamic, what is relevant for tomorrow may not be relevant for today.
Plus, I am grateful for the time, help and guidance which Copyright House has provided."
Frédérique Patterson, Author, Poet, Chiswick.

Copyright registration does not have to cost the earth!

We are sometimes asked how we can be so affordable compared to other services and whether we give the same copyright protection as they do. The truth is, copyright registration does not have to cost the earth! And we provide the same independent third-party proof of copyright needed to prove copyright ownership of your work. In the case of infringement of your work, the director of Copyright House Limited will sign an affidavit in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. This legal document will be sent to your lawyer and the court dealing with the case. We provide the affidavit (worth £90) free of charge.

No need to pay every time you want to register a new work or update an existing one

At Copyright House you don't pay every time you register a new creative work. During the entire period of your Copyright House membership you can register all your music, artwork, designs, poems, website pages and other creative works, including all your updates and additional submissions at no cost. You just pay your membership fee and that's all. There are no hidden costs for the entire duration of your membership.

Copyright House is a UK based, international copyright registration service providing independent, third-party proof of copyright as well as high quality, secure, reliable and affordable copyright protection.

Copyright House is owned by Copyright House Limited. Since its formation on 28 September 2009, it has served thousands of copyright holders and has registered over 69,000 works.

The company has a set of procedures and policies in place which ensure that all works are securily transmitted, stored and encrypted, so that independent evidence of copyright ownership is available, whenever needed.

The management of Copyright House is a team of highly motivated individuals who feel that registering copyright should be easy and affordable for any artist, songwriter, lyricist, choreographer, designer, photographer, website owner or other creative individual. More about us...


Independent third-party proof of copyrightIndependent third-party proof of copyright
unlimited spaceUnlimited space
unlimited copyright registrationsUnlimited registrations
unlimited updatesUnlimited updates
certificate of registrationProof of copyright certificate
encrypted and secure file uploadSecure, encrypted file upload *
safe storage of your filesSafe storage in fire-proof data-safes
encrypted backupsEncrypted backups
private serversUploads through private servers **
you don't pay extra for postal submissionsNo charge for postal submissions
no setup feesNo setup fees
no hidden feesNo hidden costs
you get free support and adviceFree support and advice
free affidavitFree affidavit (worth £90) in the case of infringement
simple and fast registrationSimple and fast registration process

* Up to 256 bit secure connection
** Your files are NOT uploaded through shared hosting servers, but through safe and secure private servers.